Assessment Tools

Determining Where You Are

Given our day-to-day pressures, it is hard to step away and get an objective look at how we are operating and what our strengths are.

We offer quick, simple to administer tools that objectively measure effectiveness both at an organizational and individual level. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation, issues, or concerns.

Personal Assessment

We administer three assessments that we believe are congruent with our people development processes. They are Attribute Index, DISC Index, and Values Index.

ATTRIBUTE INDEX™ – Objectively Assessing Individual Attributes to Maximize Human Capital

Today, organizational success is measured in HUMAN CAPITAL—the RIGHT talent for the job! Lack of job performance and related employee turnover can result in missed opportunities and increased costs. Eventually this lowers the value of the organization. It makes business sense that companies are now seeking better ways to accurately assess, develop, and retain top talent. Now there is a proven assessment that aligns with the processes that will assist you in these endeavors—the Attribute Index!

Unique to the Attribute Index is its ability to assess an individual's cognitive structures (i.e., how their mind perceives themselves and the world around them). Unlike any other instrument, the Attribute Index has a direct relationship with mathematics, and this is the secret behind its ability to accurately measure the core dimensions of how we think and make decisions. The result is an accurate ranking of personal ATTRIBUTES describing individual potential for workplace performance. Unlike many other instruments intended for a clinical setting but adapted to a business one, the Attribute Index was designed, from the beginning, exclusively for a business environment.

The Attribute Index has been validated in over 28 individual validation studies, conducted over 20 years by more than 19 separate examiners. It is proven to meet the rigorous standards for employment assessments referenced by the U.S. Federal Government Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Validation has also been documented in the areas of Construct Validity, Concurrent Validity, Face Validity, and Predictive Validity. Ongoing research continues to underscore the value of this unique business tool. Human Capital is the priority in today's organizations. The keys to utilizing this asset to its fullest potential lie in solving the puzzle of how to identify talent, understand it, and utilize it. Our assessment tool provides organizations with a powerful new way to do this.

DISC INDEX™ – Discovering and Understanding Behavioral Style for Greater Success

The DISC Index is the most contemporary interpretation of Dr. William Marston's groundbreaking work into understanding and measuring a person's natural and adaptive behavioral styles. Since each individual has their own unique preferences and habits for how they like to behave, this understanding is crucial when working with team members, as a leader or manager, or in an environment that requires conflict resolution.

Unlike all existing DISC profiles, the DISC Index has created an instrument that produces zero waste. With the invention of the first ever click-and-drag DISC instrument, the IMX DISC Index generates reports ten-times as varied and individualized. Another unique aspect of the IMX DISC Index is the individual treatment that each DISC Dimension receives. Instead of only considering how every dimension plays in concert within an individual's pattern or style, the DISC Index separates the four dimensions and helps an individual understand how each dimension can be used to support their success.

To reach optimal performance, you must understand WHAT natural talents you possess, WHY you are motivated to use them, and HOW you prefer to use them. The DISC Index reviews the HOW portion of the What, Why, and How trilogy. By understanding HOW you prefer to behave, you are able to better align your environment, select the work that ensures more meaning and success, and produce less stress while doing so. The DISC Index can be used in a wide variety of situations, from selection and hiring to success planning, team development, enhanced communication, and improving the relationship between managers and their team members. Each DISC report comes with a personal debrief which includes relevance building exercises and summary questions to help individuals understand and specifically apply the knowledge to their personal and professional success.

VALUES INDEX™ – Understanding What Really Motivates You

The Values Index combines the work of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Dr. Gordon Allport into a single profile that delivers the world's most comprehensive understanding of a person's value structure or their motivational style. Everyone has their own unique mix of personal drivers and motivators that helps to guide them toward success. Understanding what really drives a person is a crucial part of success.

Unlike the other few values profiles on the market today, the Values Index merges two complimentary theories to create the most complete understanding of what drives an individual and what rewards him/her with a sense of accomplishment. It is this understanding that helps to ensure that optimal motivation, passion, and drive are always created-to achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success. The seven dimensions of value are:

Aesthetic: A drive for harmony, balance, and form.

Altruistic: A drive for helping others to achieve.

Economic: A drive for economic or practical returns.

Individualistic: A drive to stand out or be independent.

Political: A drive for control, stability, and influence.

Regulatory: A drive for tradition, steadiness, and certainty.

Theoretical: A drive for learning, understanding, and knowledge.

To reach optimal performance you must understand WHAT natural talents you possess, WHY you are motivated to use them, and HOW you prefer to use them. The Values Index looks at the WHY portion of the What, Why, and How trilogy. By understanding WHY you are motivated to do things, you are able to better align your environment with what creates the most passion in you. The Values Index is useful for understanding how to motivate yourself and others by understanding the reasons that drive individuals for success. In employee development and coaching scenarios, this information is invaluable. The IMX Values Index is fully validated and exceeds standards set by the EEOC for validity and reliability.

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