7 Ways to Stay Sharp in Sales

7 Ways to Stay Sharp in Sales
In Africa, the natives have a clever way to catch monkeys. They take a coconut shell, cut a small hole in one end, and hollow it out. The hole is just big enough to allow a monkey's hand to enter.

Then they attach a string to the other end of the coconut shell, place some peanuts inside, put the shell in the middle of a clearing, and hide themselves behind a tree until a monkey comes.

The monkey smells the peanuts inside the shell ... it reaches in to grab the peanuts ... but when it does, its fist, full with peanuts, is too large to pull back through the hole.

The natives start pulling on the string and reel the silly monkey in. Why? Because the monkey will not let go of those peanuts to save his life. All the monkey would have to do is let go of the peanuts, but he won't.

So let's assume this monkey catching technique works. Chances are if you're like me, you'll never get a chance to try it out. I don't recommend you doing this at your local zoo!

So why tell the story? Do you find yourself grasping a fist full of peanuts? Do you ever get hold of something and not let go? Do you want the peanuts so badly that you fail to consider other alternatives to achieve your goal? Are you flexible and effective in your thinking? Are you prepared to try other methodologies and techniques? Do you seek out others for advice? Do you use your power of observation on those who are successful?

Here is some simple advice on how to "get the peanuts."  
1) Always be prospecting. "Everyone is an opportunity for new business or a referral."
2) Keep the calendar full of appointments. "A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest."
3) Be proficient in your presentation skills. "Confidence sells."
4) Your customers are a gold mine for future business. "Treat them right and they will take care of you."
5) Set stretch goals. "Great things happen to those who make things happen."
6) Hard work is just that. "Honest, intelligent effort is always rewarded."
7) Have fun. "Enjoy what you do and you'll be good at it."