MUTUAL EVALUATION...In 3 Complimentary Sessions

Session 1: You Talk. We Listen & Ask Questions. No Charge.

Where? In person or virtual.

When? 30 minutes at a mutually agreeable time.

More? Watch 1 minute video of Greg Stuart describing this session.


Step 2: You Clarify. We Recommend. 2nd complimentary session.

What? We recommend possible solutions that are in harmony with your situation & goals.

You? Clarify your situation and goals and select solutions from our tool box.

Time? Soon after Session 1 for about 30 minutes.


Session 3: Review Game Plan. Final complimentary session.

What? Review your customized written Game Plan.

Choice? We mutually agree to implement your Game Plan. Or not.

Next? We develop a Playbook outlining our detailed plan.