The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Global Executive Mastermind program is made up of a group of their peers to seek rapid business growth. In West Hollywood, the group has learned valuable issue processing tactics, gain organizational development tools, and benefited from an open and confidential sharing environment to learn from their peers and take their business to an even higher level.

Many individual entrepreneurs in the WEHO GEM program have dramatically grown and streamlined their businesses.

Facilitated by Harmony Solutions International's Greg Stuart, WEHO GEM is a powerful leadership framework designed to stimulate results-fast. Greg focuses on accountability, issue processing, team building and long and short-term planning to not only set exceptional goals, but also realistic plans to bring those goals to fruition. Participants in WEHO GEM have rave reviews for the program, as it continues to grow.

WEHO GEM is focused on owners and executives of businesses seeking and experiencing significant growth. WEHO GEM's goal is to build a program and peer group that speaks directly to your specific needs. Engage with fellow business professionals to create a powerhouse of ideas to grow your business and its economic vitality.